Introduction- Fracking CSG

Coal Seam Gas Mining is controversial, it is being spruiked as a cleaner source of fuel, but there is a growing lack of trust within the community and genuine anxiety about the future. People, who live in areas attractive to the coal seam gas industry, are in imminent danger of having their livelihood and way of life destroyed (in other words, fracked). But that’s not all, fracking has the potential to cause many more serious long term problems, with the loss of valuable water and fertile land for producing food.
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Can’t make your mind up on fracking?

Can’t make your mind up on fracking? Watch this:

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Lock the Gate – fracking protest song

Anti-CSG/Fracking protest song by Laura-Doe & The Chaps.

Check out their website:

From the album Whole Lotta Frackin’ Going On – a compilation of radio-friendly songs buy different artists that present vital information about the dangers of ‘fracking’ and coal seam gas (CSG) mining to our environment, food, water and society.

Fourteen songs in a wide range of genres, plus interview excerpts with CSG activist Dayne Pratzky give a variety of viewpoints and firsthand experience of fracking’s devastating impact.

Heartfelt lyrics set to cool grooves revealing the latest information about fracking and the toxic cocktail injected into our precious earth. This CD is a call to non-violent social action as advocated by the Lock The Gate Alliance, a national umbrella for Australian environmental organisations working to stop this destructive process.

Proceeds from CD sales support these groups. If you are such a group then please contact us to receive CDs at cost to sell to raise funds.

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No Fracking Way

Leo Sayer with Aussies Against Fracking
In support for the Lock The Gate Alliance.
“No Fracking Way” is written, arranged, produced and performed by Leo Sayer (published by Silverbird Songs Ltd)
It was recorded by Leo at Silverbird Studios. John Hudson mixed the track, and Paul Berton played Guitar.
The video was filmed and edited by Craig “Chappo” Chapman (for Daily Planet), with insert footage from Brendan Shoebridge, and was produced by Annie Wright.
The featured singers here are:
Doc Neeson, Deni Hines, Kevin Borich, Casey Burgess, Mitch Anderson, Mark Gable, Jeff Duff, Steve Balbi, Jade Hurley, Connor Cleary, Alex Gibson, Graham Wilson and Jarmb-Ji Githabul.
The featured singers, musicians and choir were filmed and recorded at Pow Wow Studios, Sydney. Sound recording by Des O’Neill. Special thanks to Chris Fitz-Gibbon.
Production: Annie Wright for Aussies Against Fracking. Special thanks to Nick Hanlon.

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Catastrophic Threat to Global Recovery fossil fuel frontiers pose catastrophic threat to global recovery | Environment |

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South Africa’s Gas Dilemma

A good reminder that every country has unique problems and sometimes financial enticements can be hard to resist.

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Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono, and other Artists Against Fracking Present a new Anti-Fracking Anthem.   Other Fracking Songs 

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Gas control plan foiled

Gas control plan foiled


22 Oct, 2011 04:00 AM

UPPER Hunter communities hoping for more local government control of the coal seam gas industry are disappointed by Singleton Council’s draft planning laws.

The draft shows how dominant state laws negate elected councillors’ efforts to contain the industry.

Late last year Singleton councillors voted to prohibit coal seam gas in four locations, including Broke and Bulga and subject the industry to council consents.

The draft proposes to prohibit the industry from operating in four new land zones; primary production small lots, rural landscape, environmental management and environmental living.

But council staff warn it is likely the Department of Planning will direct the council to remove this provision.

Coal seam gas developments are state significant development under new laws that came into effect on October 1 and replaced the discredited Part 3A provisions.

Councils are not consent authorities for significant developments under the new system either.

‘‘Any prohibition on coal seam methane gas development will have no legal effect in the draft LEP [local environmental plan],’’ the council draft stated.

Hunter Valley Protection Alliance president Graeme Gibson said the government pledged to get rid of Part 3A but its effects lingered.

‘‘The council’s resolution was firm but its hands are tied,’’ Mr Gibson said.

The council has sent its draft LEP to the NSW Government for approval to put on public exhibition. It is expected to be on exhibition in February for two months.

The plan is Singleton Council’s response to a 2005 NSW Government directive to all councils to revise their planning laws in a standard format.

The Department of Planning declined to comment.

via Gas control plan foiled – Local News – News – News – Newcastle Herald.

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Coal seam gas beneath Fullerton Cove

Coal seam gas beneath Fullerton Cove BY MICHELLE HARRIS 11 Aug, 2011 05:00 AM DART Energy says a ‘‘substantial gas resource’’ appears to lie beneath Fullerton Cove, prompting its plans for a pilot coal seam gas well program at the site, north of Stockton, it hopes will begin before the end of the year. The company holds exploration licence 458 that covers about 2000 square-kilometres, taking in the city of Newcastle, surrounding suburbs and much of Port Stephens. It is planning a pilot program of two vertical and two lateral well tests at Fullerton Cove, where it has access agreements with landowners.The Tomago sandbeds, which provide about 20per cent of the Lower Hunter’s drinking water, lie to the north.In a recent operations update, Dart described the exploration licence area as ‘‘a priority as Dart Energy believes the resource can be matured rapidly’’.‘‘Further, given the proximity of infrastructure and potential gas markets there are a number of viable near-term commercialisation options for that resource.’’In a statement, Dart chief executive Robbert de Weijer said surface and ground water monitoring would take place before the pilot program began.‘‘The wells would be lined and double cased with steel and cement to fully protect the upper aquifer,’’ he said.The company was working on an environmental assessment, and would need permission from the state government.It was not planning to use the process of hydraulic fracturing or ‘‘fracking’’ to force the gas to the surface, and would be ‘‘fully transparent’’ about its plans.At a recent briefing for Newcastle city councillors, the company said it was talking to government agencies, including the Office of Water.

via Coal seam gas beneath Fullerton Cove – Local News – News – General – Newcastle Herald.

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Farmers fight to protect water

Fiona Simson, NSW Farmers Ascociation

Fiona Simson NSW Farmers Association Tuesday 26th July 2011 Photo Danielle Smith"The farmers think that any impact on farm operations is too much impact" … Fiona Simson, NSW Farmers Association president. Photo: Danielle SmithTHE state’s peak farming body has challenged the coal seam gas industry to prove it will not damage agricultural water supplies and called on companies to disclose on a public register the chemicals they use during fracking.In a submission to a state parliamentary inquiry, the NSW Farmers’ Association also called for changes to laws so land-holders have the right to stop coal seam gas drilling companies entering private land.”The farmers think that any impact on farm operations is too much impact – anything that can’t be fully mitigated is just not acceptable,” the association’s president, Fiona Simson, said.

via Farmers fight to protect water.

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Fracking Earth Quakes

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